Review & Giveaway- In Daylight & Darkness by Dana Ardis

GENRE:   Romantic Fantasy


Lots of kids have imaginary friends, but Kate had an entire imaginary world to visit when she was a girl. When she keeps insisting that her friends are real, she ends up in an institution, where she is forced to put that part of her life behind her. Shortly after Kate turns eighteen and leaves Bayshore Psychiatric to start a normal life, her old friend Cor returns, transformed from the boy she loved into a handsome but guarded stranger. His world is darker than the fun and games she remembers from childhood and he warns her that the monsters there can hunt her now that she lives on her own. If she’ll come back to his world long enough to learn the magic she needs to defend herself, he’ll agree to stay out of her life. He’s only imaginary, but it gets harder and harder for Kate to think of saying goodbye.


He’d said once that the ever-present salt and pepper shakers were another indication of how bland things were here in my world.

Acknowledging him had been a mistake. Memories I’d tried to shut away for years clamored for my attention, and I felt like I was drowning. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to slow my stuttering pulse. It’s all in your head, Katherine. Ignore it. Don’t give in. Call the doctors.

“Katen, stop.”

‘Katen,’ like we were still the best friends we’d been as kids. I opened my eyes to find Cor’s hand stretched toward mine, but he stopped shy of touching me. I hid my hands in my lap.

My Thoughts:

A different world and people that live in it that are only visible to our protagonist Kate. I liked the concept of another world which only Kate could see. I was forever wondering if it is schizophrenia like everyone else had told Kate it was or whether it truly does exist. I really enjoyed the writing as well. It caught my attention right from the prologue. I liked the fast pace, the proper amount of information given throughout the book which kept the story mysterious and intriguing too. There were no lengthy descriptions which is another thing I look for in any book.

I also appreciated Kate’s character. It was very well written. She was perfectly normal, not at all pretentious and relatable too and I enjoyed reading her POV. Overall a fun and adventurous and short fantasy book that I enjoyed and feel like anyone else who likes this genre would too.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Dana Ardis grew up surrounded by books and decided she likes it that way, pursuing a career in public libraries. Now she writes her own books, creating the rich worlds and vibrant characters that tugged at her imagination as a child.

In addition to writing, she loves art, board games, travel, and anything to do with dogs.

To connect on social media, find me at:

Instagram: Dana Ardis (@danaluki)

Twitter: Dana Ardis (@ZooLuki)

Facebook: Dana Ardis

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7 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway- In Daylight & Darkness by Dana Ardis

  1. Thank you so much for hosting, Aza! It’s been wonderful to see my book make it out into the world and into people’s hands. I’d love to answer questions if anyone has them. I’ll be checking back this evening after work. Also, I’m curious, did any of you have imaginary friends growing up? (I did, but they were dogs, not sword-wielding kids from other worlds. I read White Fang and Call of the Wild about thirty times each.)

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